About Katie

I've got your back.

Curious how I got to be the reliable detail-oriented Girl Friday that I am? Here’s what makes me tick:

I’m natural-born problem-solver.

My problem-solving skills make it easy for me to see how to help my clients. A client was looking for accountability for her business development projects. The day-to-day client work was distracting her from following up and making progress on internal business projects. We set up regular check in calls where we reviewed the next steps, addressed possible issues, and discussed ways to improve on existing and future efforts. These regular check-ins empowered her to address business goals regularly, which allowed her to bring in new clients and team members.

I am reliable and honest.

My clients routinely trust me with access to their financial and marketing account information. For one client, this was essential for business growth. Once I had access to the project files and business financial accounts, we were able to develop unique systems and processes together, which kept my client informed on how the business was doing. That freed up more time for developing new business as well as travel.

I am kind-hearted and love helping others.

Helping my clients isn’t the only way I’m passionate about being of service. I also love helping my local animal shelter and rescues. Being a part of the amazing foster community in my area has been heartwarming and makes me feel like I am part of a team committed to making a difference. Even when I can’t take in a dog foster full time, I dog sit for fosters so that they can travel.

I’m a life-long learner who loves a challenge.

When I am faced with a question, I search for a solution. I enjoy finding answers, learning new things, and tracking down helpful resources. I continue to take courses in areas such as project management, marketing, bookkeeping and proofreading to keep up my skills. I also sign up for newsletters and attend lectures on topics I believe are relevant to concerns my clients currently have.